BlackBerry Radio

Our Mission

To provide a common resource for news, music, entertainment, local features, and information, while encouraging the free exchange of culture, information, resources, and wisdom. To develop an educational track for aspiring personalities and youth volunteers to learn broadcast journalism, multimedia, business management, computer skills, administrative and related skills. To assist in making our community a better, safer, healthier, more pleasant place to live by promoting peace, and advocating for women and youth at risk of economic, social, and emotional distress.

Meet the Team

Founded by celebrity wardrobe stylist and fashionista Cash The Stylist, BlackBerryRadio is operated by volunteers. We support and play music by unsigned and independent artists.

cashawna shakir

cash the stylist

Founder & CEO

Cash is founder and a celebrity wardrobe stylist. She hosts Style Saturdays & Love Never Fails.


bridgit graham

President, Programming

Bridgit Graham heads our programming department and oversees radio personalities.



VP, Community Relations

John is our Community Relations Director and resource coordinator for families in need.

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Please consider a small gift to help us help others. Your donation via CashApp is matched and tax deductible. BlackBerryRadio is a nonprofit organization.