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How To Start a Family Trust | host, Amir Q. Shakir
Amir Q. Shakir talks about starting a family trust. Save your assets and protect your family by drafting a solid family trust. Contact: @amirqshakir

Start Your Business NOW | host, Amir Q. Shakir
Don't procrastinate any longer. Start your business for once and for all. It's
time to take charge of your life and to take complete control of your destiny.

Ebony Winter Gala Interview | host, Amir Q. Shakir
Interview with organizers of the 28th annual Ebony Winter in Boston, MA
featuring R&B great Chaka Khan. BlackBerryRadio donated $10,00 in ads.
Black Marriage Crisis | host, Amir Q. Shakir
Live radio show with callers discussing the reasons behind the destruction of the Black marriage structure, and who's behind the Black marriage crisis.

Teens and Murder | host, Amir Q. Shakir
Amir Q. Shakir hosts a live call-in discussion with members of the Boston community about two mothers who turned their teen sons in for murder.

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