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The powerful lyrics in Reggae music bring about a vibe of peace, love, wisdom, revolution, and freedom. Heavily influenced by Rasta Culture, Reggae music spans the entire globe, and began in the beautiful, Black island of Jamaica. The popular Reggae Sunsplash is attended by Americans looking to hear Reggae music by top celebrities and new artists alike. The natives of the island can tell even better stories of what the tourists visit for annually, including 'hall pass' getaways and naturally-grown, ever-present...Ganja.

BlackBerry Reggae Radio plays unsigned and independent Reggae and Roots music by today's most creative Reggae artists.  Listen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the hottest Reggae and Rockers on America's Favorite Reggae Radio station, BlackBerry Reggae Radio, a BlackBerry Radio Network radio station. Submit your music for airplay today. #blackberryreggaeradio

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