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You are now a radio personality and member with BlackBerryRadio! We will show how to gain valuable experience in broadcasting. Attending a broadcasting school costs between of $6,000 and $10,000 per course. Communications colleges cost from $40,000 to $75,000. Learn radio with us and take your skills anywhere.


1.    ALL files must be saved as mp3

2.    The kbps must be 128

When saving your individual file, save it the same as the bold title. Don’t change the title. The underscore in a title represents that the file is a voice file. For instance:

TinkBonnie & Clyde_

Should be saved as an mp3 file as follows:

TinkBonnie & Clyde_.mp3

If you are zipping your files, save the entire collection just as your script title is named. For instance, if your script is named:


Then save and send it as

When you’re ready to send your files, send them using this link:

and use our script email as the receiver.


Your audio files must be received at least 2-3 days before airing. This will allow us time to produce your voice parts and ensure your show is aired on time.

We don’t listen to your entire show when we’re producing it. We only listen to the main sections of each recording to get the parts we need to enhance.

When you’re ready to learn, we can assign you a DJ name and passcode to upload your files and schedule your show.  Then, we will walk you through the process until you understand the entire process.


When you're recording, don't stop recording if you stutter a few words, forget, mess up a few words, etc. Never stop and re-record. Your recordings should sound as live as possible. Therefore, record your natural personality and save as is. This will help you train yourself to speak live.

Thanks so much for volunteering with BlackBerry Radio!

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