BlackBerry Radio

BlackBerry PhatFM Radio plays unsigned and independent Hiphop, Soul, and R&B music by today's most prolific women artists.  Listen to music by  your favorite women artists like Sampradaya, Dani Devastation, Sydaiya Rehema, HunnyB, and more 24/7. Hosted only by women, BlackBerry PhatFM Radio is one of 120 radio stations on the BlackBerry Radio network. Submit your music for airplay today.

BlackBerry PhatFM Radio takes a bold approach at music programming in a male-dominated radio industry. We only play music exclusively by signed and unsigned women RnB, Soul, and Hiphop artists twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Without our revolutionary programming initiative, hundreds of unsigned women artists will not have a platform to express themselves musically.

As a voice in our community, we believe that all of us can come together to help our musicians become successful. #blackberryphtafmradio

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BlackBerry Radio cannot function without your help. Thanks to donations from compassionate people like you, we can help our communities thrive.