Searching across terrestrial and digital radio is frustrating when you're in the mood for some good old-fashioned Slow Jams. Love 977 Radio steps in where stations have failed to offer Slow Jams by often overlooked artists. We have searched through thousands of love songs to bring you the absolute definitive mix of some of the smoothest Slow Jams that set the mood just right. We've even thrown in a few classics  to sing along to. Enjoy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Love 977 Radio plays signed and unsigned Soul, R&B, and hit slow jams by artists from all over the world. We are community radio created for the people. Listen to songs by DQuest, Prince, Ginuwine, and more. Listen to the digital difference. We support unsigned! Submit your music today.



If you've ever wanted to know the secret to keeping him, it's simpler than you think. If he's worth it, you'll take the time to learn the secret to forever. Our affiliate has the formula for making your keeper...kept. You listen for great love songs 24 hours a day, now learn how to have great love 365 days a year. Love is meant to be forever. Unlock the secret today and never be alone again.  Think it over. Is he the one? Is he really a keeper? Get the code to lock him in forever. Once you've unlocked the magic lock, if you care to share your love story, we'd be happy to read it on air. When you're ready to get your key to long-lasting love, click here.

We appreciate your generosity. Please donate whatever you can to help us remain on air. Your donation not only helps to fund our station's broadcasts. It helps to fund our community outreach programs. BlackBerry Radio works behind the scenes in the judge's chambers of juvenile court to offer an alternative to probation violations. We teach radio and broadcasting to give young adults a new perspective on life, in our hopes of healing the community and the world. Our fathers program Custody Advocate, helps dads and  moms get more time with their children through our airtight Parenting Plans, supported by the family courts. Help us help others. Donate today.

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