Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us. Please read the information carefully and you will be hosting your own show in no time. We have volunteers from all over the world and from all walks of life. With over 120 radio stations, there's something for everyone. We will show you how to host your own radio show, regardless of experience. Gain professional experience and use it to land a paying job in the broadcast industry. Keep reading to get started!

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: We DO NOT accept volunteers who do not agree with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. We may or may not censor some of our music across some of our networks. If you disagree with the music or language of any of our other networks, this is not the place for you and we thank you for your consideration. However, we ask that you kindly disregard the decision t o volunteer with BlackBerry Radio if you feel uncomfortable with Free Speech. Thank you!

If you already have recording equipment, great! You can record your voice tracks or podcast with your preferred hardware and software. If you don't have any equipment, no need to buy any. You'll be able to record your show with the one simple thing nearly everyone has: your smart phone. Over 85% of our volunteers use a cell phone to record their show. Follow the easy steps and you will also be able to record and your show for broadcast on the BlackBerry Radio Networks!

TAKE NOTE: When recording, please be mindful of background noises. Your smart phone's microphone is highly sensitive and can pick up fan and air conditioner noise, refrigerators, and light automobile traffic. Many volunteers cover their phone with a regular box to block out some of the background noises when recording. You can also try this and other recording techniques to make your experience better. Whatever is more comfortable for you, is always best.

WRITTEN SCRIPTS: We understand content can be a little difficult and time consuming, so we provide content-writing for your show. Read the scripts we email you and email them back once you're finished. We will produce your vocals and have your show created in our studios. All you need is to do is provide us with your great voice!

THE RECORDING PROCESS: Here's how we create your wonderful radio show from start to finish:

  1. You record your script parts (shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes)
  2. You email us your script parts using and MAKE SURE you put our email in the receiver field: --- also make sure your show info is in the MESSAGE field of transfer.pcloud (for instance: Your Show Title 05192021)
  3. We build the music and station drop-ins AROUND your voice parts.
  4. Once you send us five full recorded shows, your show will be scheduled to play!
  5. When we have a full week of shows from you, we schedule them to air on the days and times your show will run.
  6. Any of your shows that run on week ONE, will repeat on week THREE.
  7. Any of your shows that run on week TWO, will repeat on week FOUR. This way, you are actually only recording two full weeks of shows within a month's time.
  8. If you EVER have an issue, please email us at

READY TO RECORD? How to record and send your voice files

Voice Record Pro is available for Android and IOS.

The app is free and fully functional.

There is a paid option which removes the advertising from the
screen but doesn't affect the app's operation in any way.

Already downloaded the app? Click HERE to start recording!

Get the i-phone / ios app

Click to download the app now

i-phone/ios setup:


Instant Recording:  On
Minimum Space:  100mb
Maximum Duration:  8 hours
Export Extension:  MP3
Keep Screen On:  On
Prefix Export Files:  On
Show Playing Panel:  On
Export Meta Data:  Off
Purge Deleted:  48 hours
WiFi Always:  On
Jump Duration:  10 Seconds



  1. Press Record Tab
  2. You will be taken to the Advanced Recording Options screen
  3. Enable the following (you will only have to set this once).

Record Format:  MP3
Sample Rate:  44,100
Bit Rate:  128 kbps
Bit Depth:  16 bits
Channels:  Mono
Encode Quality:  High
Silence Detection:  No



Get The Google APP

Click to download the app now

google setup



Click Settings gear icon (top right). You only need to do these settings once.
Do them as soon as you download the app.



Recording Format:  Click/change = MP3 Quality
Sample Rate:  44KHZ – CD Quality
Encoder Bit Rate:  128 kbps
Advanced:  Check “Ask for Filename”
Record Stereo:  Uncheck
Record on Start:  Uncheck
LED Notification:  Check
Stop When Low Memory:  Check
Stop On Call:  Check
Screen On:  Check
Add To Library:  Check

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