BlackBerry Radio is a 501C3 nonprofit charitable organization. We utilize radio to resolve social ills and crisis in the Black, Indigenous, and LatinX communities by teaching youth and young adults how to implement communication skills to effect positive social, economical, and educational change through broadcast and new media.

BlackBerry Radio was founded in 2010 to fill a void in Boston's Black community, when WILD-AM, the only Black radio station in the community shut down for good after nearly 53 years on air. We lost Music, News, Information, and Dialogue, and the Black community was left without a voice. The founding of our flagship station, BlackBerry Soul Radio - filled that void and became that voice. Our short-lived local, Low-Power antenna broadcast at 91.3FM, until we launched over 120 online stations. We will continue to be a voice to the Black community. Thank you for your donation.

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