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When someone asks, 'where did Hiphop go?' The answer should be, 'Hiphop went Holy.' The emergence of Holy Hiphop has been moving forward, with one of its artists, Lecrae, earning a Grammy. Just as unapologetic as rappers always are, they proudly tout their love of God and publicly praise Jesus' name with undeniably incredible rhymes, beats, and lurical techniques. The artists who create Holy Hiphop music love Christ AND Hiphop. Listening is proof.

BlackBerry HolyRap Radio plays unsigned and independent Holy Rap and Holy Hiphop music by today's most prolific Christian artists.  We play music by your favorite HolyRap artists like Young Joshua, Da Gospel Way, Mic Adams, Eden Myrrh, Torch, and more 24/7. BlackBerry HolyRap Radio is one of 120 radio stations on the BlackBerry Radio network. Submit your music for airplay consideration today. You can also volunteer to host a show from home. #blackberryholyrapradio

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