BlackBerry AC Rap Radio plays a myriad of Adult Contemporary Rap and Hiphop songs from signed and unsigned artists who hail from all parts of the country and countries outside of the United States. The emergence of Adult Contemporary Rap music is nothng new, and has been a major part of Hiphop and Rap music since the inception of the musical genre. One of the first recordings of an adult contempotrary rap songs was 'Funk You Up' by The Sequence, a rap group headed by RnB singer Angie Stone. The song was a hit on Sugarhill Records, the same label that released the popular 'Rapper's Delight' just a year before the release of 'Funk You Up.'

What separates Adult Contemporary Rap is the reliance of a sing-song chorus, be it by the rapper, or a guest appearance by an RnB artist. One of the best rappers to cover this genre is the late-great Heavy D. of the group Heavy D. & The Boyz. BlackBerry AC Rap Radio is one of 120 radio stations on the BlackBerry Radio network. Submit your music for airplay today.


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