During the atrocious era of slavery in America, Black people were not allowed to own firearms as it is afforded every American citizen in the Constitution. We believe that Black Americans are afraid to exercise their right to possess firearms due to this long-standing stigma that guns are bad. After the Black Panther Party open-carried firearms in their respective districts and municipalities, the government raced to change gun laws, which is why we have so many restrictive city and statewide gun laws today.

A progressive talk radio station, BlackBerry 2nd Amendment Radio discusses our gun rights and responsibilities, with a focus on removing the stigma that gun ownership is taboo in the Black and LatinoX communities. BlackBerry 2nd Amendment Radio is one of 120 radio stations on the BlackBerry Radio network. Volunteer radio personalities, please apply today.


America is full of Patriots and wolves. Unfortunately for the wolves, real Americans who obey the law, always catch these hoodlums off guard. The element of surprise will be a great shock to any suspect who tries to bring harm to you or your loved ones. The voltage is so high, there's a safety on it. The flashlight is so bright, a suspect will be scared out of their wits. Try it.

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